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What is Polyurea?

Polyurea is a two component coating material derived from chemical reaction between isocyanate and amine resin component.   Polyuria systems forms 100% solid, waterproofing film with no detrimental effect to environment .whit its many important properties such as excellent tensile, abrasion and corrosion resistance; it is an remarkable coating technology for today and future.

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React, set and cure quickly –faster than all other technologies

Excellent abrasion resistance

Material performance insensitive to moisture and temparature

Waterproof and durable

Have high thermal resistance and good low temperature flexibility

Have high thermal resistance and good low temperature flexibility

Have outstanding mechanical and chemical resistance

Do not contain VOC and solvents (100 % solids)

New Products

Due to the unique characteristics of the technology, both in processing and performance; polyuria coatings from the beginning Have set themselves in a different class from the conventional polyurethane and epoxy coating technologies 

Water tanks and water pipes

Truck bed liners

Pools, swimming pools and ponds

Roof coatings

industrial floor coatings

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